Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 pre-E3 trailer takes the series to the modern day


A word of warning: My words, along with the trailer embedded above, contain massive spoilers for the first Castlevania: Lords of Shadow . I don't normally worry about spoiling a three-year-old game, but considering the PC version of the original game won't be released until August 27, it makes sense some of you would like to be kept in the dark.

With that out of the way, the pre-E3 trailer picks up right after the original Lords of Shadow, with Gabriel Belmont—now going by the name “Dracula”—awakening from his slumber and looking for a cure to his newfound immortality. Luckily for him, Zobek (who's voiced by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart), is willing to aid the vampire king in exchange for a few favors.

Konami touts the sequel as having an open world for players to explore rather than using linear mission design, and have opted for a player-controlled camera rather than a fixed one. Though you'll be spending a lot of time in Dracula's infamous castle, Lords of Shadow 2 will bring the vampire into the modern day, where I assume he will make a major withdrawal at the nearest blood bank.

The latest Castlevania should cast its shadow on PC this winter.