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Careful or you'll have someone's eye out with this new Evil Within 2 'Survive' trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Bethesda's upcoming horror game The Evil Within 2 showcases some seriously unpleasant-looking bad guys, and beats the drum of a single, equally-unhappy theme: "This is all your fault." I mean, I've suspected for a while, but it hurts to have it spelled out...

"That’s the mantra running through Sebastian Castellanos’ mind. Plagued by memories of the daughter he couldn’t save and a mystery he could never solve, he begins to lose himself in his past mistakes," Bethesda said. "Sebastian lives out his nightmares every day, unable to pull himself from his downward spiral. Until an old friend-turned-traitor reenters his life with an offer: Return to the nightmare and save your daughter." 

The trailer is a bit heavier on the gunplay than I expected, but Bethesda said players can solve their in-game problems however they like, which includes the "guns blazing" strat. "Provided you can scrounge up the resources, you can play the game however you see fit," it said. "As you explore the world, you’ll be able to follow side quests, track down supply caches for those much-needed resources, and uncover clues that could help you solve the mystery of Mobius and STEM." 

The Evil Within 2 comes out on October 13, which as it happens is also a Friday the 13th. Coincidence? I'm thinking probably not. An Evil Within story FAQ, for the benefit of you who missed the first game and have no idea what's going on (although I've been made to understand that a lot of people who played the game are in that same boat) is available here.

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