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Capitão Elite skin release date: When you can pick up the Responsa cosmetic set

During the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals in Japan this weekend, Ubisoft revealed that Capitão would be the next operator receiving an Elite cosmetic set. His Elite set, called Responsa, depicts a younger Capitão from early in his career.

The Elite set trades his tactical gear for a simple shirt, jeans, and a full head of hair. To see when you can pick it up and how much it'll cost, read on below.

Capitão Elite skin release date

Ubisoft hasn't officially announced when the Responsa Elite set will be available, but we can make a good guess based on what we do know. Ubi said the skin will release "soon after the launch of Operation Shifting Tides." There's no official release for Shifting Tides either, but based on Ubi's typical release schedule, it'll likely begin in the first week of December. With that in mind, expect Capitão's Elite set to release in early-to-mid December.

Capitão elite skin

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Capitão Elite skin price

Capitão's Elite set will likely cost the same as every other Elite set: 1,800 R6 Credits. That translates to about $15 when you purchase bundles of 1,200 and 600 credits. If you're a Year 4 Pass holder, the Elite set is discounted to 1,620 credits. Since you can only buy R6 Credits in bundles, Year Pass holders will likely still need to purchase the full $15 of credits.

What all is included in Capitão's Elite set?

The Responsa Elite set comes with the casual Capitão headgear and uniform from his time working in the favela of Brazil (don't worry, he still has the eyepatch). weathered gold weapon skin for his tactical crossbow, Para-308 assault rifle, M249 LMG, and PRB92 sidearm.

The set also includes the Elite Capitão chibi weapon charm, which can be attached to any weapon in the game. Finally, you get the soccer ball-juggling victory animation seen in the trailer above. Victory animations are only seen if the skin is used on the round your team wins the match and you're the MVP, so it's especially rare to see one pop up.

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