How to watch the Capcom Showcase 2023

The Capcom 2023 showcase is fast approaching, and not only is it the publisher's time to show off its biggest game series and what it's up to, but it's also Capcom's 40 year anniversary. Will we get some special announcements in celebration? Who knows.

Capcom revealed its very cool looking new game, Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, at the Xbox Showcase yesterday, so we may very well get some more details about that. Either way, here's how to watch the Capcom Showcase and what time you need to tune in.

When is the Capcom Showcase?

You can catch the Capcom Showcase on YouTube and the official Twitch channel on Monday, June 12—though it will be June 13 in some timezones. Here's when you can watch:

  • US West Coast: 3 pm PST
  • US East Coast: 6 pm EST
  • UK: 11 pm BST
  • Europe: 12 am CEST (June 13)
  • Australia: 8 am AEDT (June 13)

The showcase itself is expected to last a pretty quick 36 minutes, but will also celebrate Capcom's 40 year anniversary. 

What to expect from the Capcom Showcase

The featured games for the showcase are listed as Dragon's Dogma 2, Exoprimal, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, but it would be strange if we didn't hear anything about the publisher's bigger series like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, especially as Monster Hunter Rise recently got a major update.

We might also get some news about Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, which aired at the Xbox Showcase yesterday.

Sean Martin
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