Can you tell Hag's End from Hag Rock? Prove it with this Skyrim Geoguessr-style game

Skyrim map in the wilderness
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I've recently gotten back into Geoguessr, but in the safest way possible: by watching geographical geniuses stream it instead of embarrassing myself by not being able to tell the difference between a highway in Albania and a freeway in Alabama.

But while I'm not great at figuring out where I am in the real world, I'm a little better at guessing my location in a fantasy world with this extremely cool Skyrim Geoguessr-like game at Drop onto a random spot on Skyrim's map and have a look around, then put a pin on the minimap and find out how close you are to where you think you are.

Give it a shot yourself and see if you can tell if you're standing outside Folgunthur or Forelhost, or if you're located north of Riften or south of Riverwood. It's a really nicely made browser game that functions just like the real Geoguessr, with a full 360-degree view of the world and the ability to move around in the map by clicking the arrows on the screen (though you can disable those features for more of a challenge). You can play with a timer or do it at your own pace, and you can guess alone or invite a friend to join you.

Lostgamer has been around for a minute, and it hosts Geoguessr-style games for a bunch of other game worlds like WoW, Elden Ring, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Not a bad way to get the weekend started: Get lost in a game world for a bit, then boot up the actual game and get lost all over again.


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