Can you break into the mysterious new Crysis 2 site?

Crynet Systems tease

A Crysis 2 teaser site has appeared offering some in depth information about the Nanosuit that'll be powering our super speed bumslides when the game comes out. As well as a lot of text and a short teaser video of the Nanosuit, there's an option to log in to the site. Visitors so far have reported trying to use their Crytek ID's but with no luck. There must be something lurking behind that log in screen. Can you crack the code?

The new site was spotted by SuperNashwan on the PC Gamer forums , who points out that a username and 14 letter password are entered into a similar login screen at the start of the nanosuit teaser video. The username Nomad NOMAD_3V1KF is entered in the video, but the password isn't revealed

The site is called Crynet Systems , and seems to be the name of the company that developed the nanosuit technology. Can anyone figure this out?

Tom Senior

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