Call of Duty Elite free features detailed, "even haters can play for free"

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Activision have updated the official Call of Duty Elite FAQ to include a list of the free features included in the service. Call of Duty Elite is set to launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 on November 8, and will be backwards compatible with Call of Duty: Black Ops. You'll find the list of free features below.

Elite's free features will let you:

  • Access Elite through the web as well as Elite's free custom iOS and Android applications for smartphones and tablets

  • Communicate any way you want across mobile, console and the web with your friends

  • Track and share thousands of stats with friends - k/d ratios, score-per-minute, win % and loads more, all represented in easy to understand charts and infographics

  • Create your own custom leaderboards to track friendly rivalries - who is moving up and down in your group of friends?

  • Analyze advanced heat maps detailing your match-by-match performance - where you killed or got killed, when it happened, and more

  • Analyze your weapons performance - which weapons you are best with in which situations

  • Upload and share videos of your greatest moments through our exclusive theater mode with the touch of a button

  • After you analyze your performance to your heart's content - Customize your loadout - search through all the weapons, attachments and perks, and push them directly into the game menu from the web or your mobile device with the touch of a button

  • Join dozens of groups and find other players with common interests to play with and compete against - find people who make the game the most fun for you - TDM, Lakers' fans, Weekend Warriors

  • Create a Clan with players who share your interests and taste for competition

  • Bring your Facebook friends right into the game, easily taking your existing network into the Call of Duty experience.

  • Seamlessly be placed into Groups with those who share your affinities and interests based on your Facebook profile.

  • Start tracking your Call of Duty career — everything you wanted to know about your performance across the franchise starting with Black Ops

Activision say that more free features will be added as the service grows after launch. Premium features aren't listed yet because "the service was designed to be deeply integrated with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and will not be demonstrable until we are closer to the launch of the game." Activision promise full details "by the end of the summer." They're also keen to reinforce the fact that "Elite only adds to the Call of Duty experience ... if you want to continue to play Call of Duty as you always have, you will still be able to do just that," adding that "even haters can play for free."

We do know that subscribers will get access to a Call of Duty web TV show featuring "top Hollywood talent." To get an inside look at the service, you can sign up to be part of the closed beta test now.

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