Call of Duty: Black Ops video blowout

Call of duty black ops

A series of exciting and spoilerific Call of Duty: Black Ops videos have hit the web. Two videos show short sections of the single player campaign and a third shows the zombie mode in action. On top of all that, the player characters for the zombie mode have also been revealed, and they're amazing. All the videos can be found below. Be warned, though, here be spoilers.

First up, the campaign footage. It's impossible to figure out any story from these two videos, but they do reveal how two of the missions are going to play out. The second one in particular you may want to leave as a surprise.


Next up, footage of the zombie mode, making a return after proving popular in Treyarch's last Call of Duty game, World at War. It asks players to hold up against hordes of endless zombies, earning cash for each kill in order to upgrade your weapons and slaughter even more monsters.

Here's the best bit. In Call of Duty: Black Ops, there's also going to be a cold war themed alternative to the traditional zombie mode. This will be set in the Pentagon, and have you playing as one of the four new characters. Introducing: President John F Kennedy, President Nixon, Secretary of Defence John Strange MacNamara and, er, Fidel Castro.

What Call of Duty: Black Ops loses in historical accuracy, it gains in managing to assemble the most insane and brilliant posse of video game characters you could hope to play as. The idea of playing Richard "I am not a crook" Nixon and blasting the heads of zombies while saying "impeach this!" makes me wish that the Call of Duty: Black Ops release next Tuesday 9th November would arrive sooner.

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