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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Nuketown 2025 map trailered

Forthcoming Black Ops 2 map Nuketown 2025 has been given its own trailer, and to rub salt into the oozing radioactive wound, the sequel to one of the most celebrated Call of Duty maps will be made exclusive to people who pre-order the game. They'll also accrue double XP during the launch weekend, while the rest of us will be forced to beg for scraps at the experience table, like little Oliver 'Snip3rDude69' Twist.

Dirty pre-order practices aside, Nuketown looks like fun, taking the original Black Ops' model town nuclear testing site and transforming it into a Fallout-style retro-futurist utopia. Presumably it will be made available in a map pack down the line, but until then you'll have to pre-order the game for the privilege of duking/nuking it out in Nuketown 2025. There's 48 seconds of that below.