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Call of Cthulhu goes deeper into the nightmare with new gameplay trailer

A new gameplay trailer has been revealed for Call of Cthulhu, the upcoming walking sim horror RPG that's due out next month.

We've already had a glimpse at the beginnings of the Darkwater investigation with its first gameplay trailer, followed up a couple of weeks ago when publisher Focus Home Interactive hosted a stream with developer Cyanide Studio.

The new trailer takes us deeper into the Darkwater investigation, as protagonist Edward Pierce is confronted with dimly-lit, subterranean caves, inhabited by masked cultists and monstrous entities. Thankfully, it seems you won't need to face any of these enemies in combat, relying instead on other skills "such as speech, medicine and knowledge of the occult."

Sneaking around may also be an option, though the stealthy approach will be made more difficult by Pierce's "crippling fear of the dark" and confined spaces—presumably lowering his sanity meter if you linger too long.

You can check out the details in full via the narrated trailer above. 

Call of Cthulhu is set for release on October 30.