Where to find bus stops for Fortnite's Remedy vs. Toxin mission

fortnite bus stop locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Where are Fortnite's bus stops located? The first Fortnite mission of 2020 is here. The Remedy vs. Toxin mission challenges you to find a number of bus stop locations before the end of Chapter 2's inaugural season.

Before you dive into Remedy vs. Toxin, you'll need to be level 40 on the battle pass. I'm not sure why Fortnite is locking this challenge behind such a barrier, but it's not hard to imagine more dedicated (maybe even casual) Fortnite players already being at that level. In any case, each challenge in Remedy vs. Toxin will net you 52,000 XP.

Fortnite bus stop locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite bus stop location #1: You'll find a bus stop located at the southeast end of Sweaty Sands, just on the edge of town across from the parking lot.

Fortnite bus stop location 2: You'll find this bus stop in Pleasant Park, at the edge of town on the road going south.

Fortnite bus stop location 3: The northeast side of Salty Springs.

Thankfully all these bus stops can be knocked out in one match if you really want to, but you're allowed to do it in separate matches if things don't work out that way.

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