Build and defend pillow forts in twin-stick shooter Sleep Tight this July

Sleep Tight is a twin-stick shooter about building a base and fending off waves of monsters. That probably sounds familiar, but here's the kicker: you play as a kid defending their playroom from things that go bump in the night using water balloons and Nerf guns, and your base is made of pillows and blankets. It's kind of like Monsters Inc. meets Killing Floor, and as appropriately named developer We Are Fuzzy announced today, it's coming to PC July 26. 

We first saw Sleep Tight late last year. Its initial trailer focused on the rules of survival: you spend the day placing defenses and upgrading weapons, and increasingly vicious waves of monsters attack each night. These kids apparently have no bedtime, so your goal is simply to survive as many nights as possible.

The new release date trailer, meanwhile, is all about the pint-sized protagonists doing the shooting. There are 12 kids in total, each with unique and imaginative abilities styled after their hobbies and fantasies. I'm partial to Wyatt the Outlaw, who looks like a young McCree and clearly plays for the robbers in cops and robbers. 

"The trigger-happy Tommy starts each match with 500 darts and gets discounts on Weapon Skills," We Are Fuzzy says, "while the comic book fan Dexter has superpowers that give him discounted power-ups, and Rosie uses her building skills to engineer turrets that deal more damage and extra strong pillow fort walls." 

If you want to see more of Sleep Tight, check out this old TIGsource development blog, which is full of concept art and rough drafts.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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