Bugsnax looks like a weird Pokémon with edible creatures

It's been a while since we heard anything from Octodad developer Young Horses, but last night it finally revealed what it's been working on: Bugsnax. It's a narrative-driven romp set on an island full of weird creatures that are part bug, part snack. 

The titular bugsnax are strange, adorable creatures that give out big Pokémon vibes, but instead of forcing into a life of constant battle, you'll be capturing them using different bait and traps, and then and feeding them to your pals. Much nicer. 

As Snaktooth Island's newest visitor, you'll need to find out why your host has vanished and their camp has been destroyed. You're not the only one hanging out on the island, though, as your host had followers that you'll have to hunt down. They're hungry, too, so you'll need to provide them with bugsnax. 

Unfortunately, like so many delicious things, there's a side effect to chowing down on bugsnax. On Snaktooth Island, you literally are what you eat, and when you feed someone one of your captured creatures part of their body will transform into a snack. A fate worse than death. 

Between gathering up 100 tasty snacks and tracking down all these scattered people, you'll also need to solve the mystery of your missing pal and how all these adorable crimes against nature came to be. It's evil science, for sure. 

Bugsnax is due out late this year on the Epic Games Store

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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