Browsing Reddit in Minecraft is a steady descent into an abyss

(Image credit: Microsoft / Captured by DeltaTwoForce)

Minecraft is good for a lot of things: creating your own dream worlds, hanging out with friends, bludgeoning zombies to death with blocks of wood. Whether it's good for browsing Reddit or not, I'm not sure: but it's definitely possible, thanks to this plug-in created by Reddit user DeltaTwoForce.

As the gif below demonstrates, the plug-in turns Reddit into a tight descending dungeon, with each floor dedicated to its own thread. Once in, a sign is used to specify which subreddit the user wants to visit, and then the plug-in generates it, complete with thread title, the number of interactions, and an embed of the thread's main image. Beneath the image is a chest, and inside is a collection of books with each response written inside.

This is a .gif of the plug-in in action, created by the plug-in's programmer, DeltaTwoForce:

Is this a pleasant way of reading Reddit? That's for you to decide, in my opinion: no. But the point is that it's possible, just like lots of other ridiculous things are possible in Minecraft, such as Atari 2600 emulators, BASIC interpreters and mobile phones.

According to DeltaTwoForce, the plug-in is not safe to use on survival servers because it will clear out your inventory. It's available to download here, and you can see the original Reddit thread here. For the latest on Minecraft, check out our Minecraft update log.

Shaun Prescott

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