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Broken Age's first trailer shows its adorable twin worlds

As always when it comes reporting on the high-octane, action-packed world of PC gaming, I've attempted to select the most thrilling screenshot from this first trailer for Broken Age, the adventure game formerly known as Double Fine Adventure. And what could be more exciting than a Red Alert? On a spaceship?! The effect is admittedly spoiled by the bored nonchalance of the cereal chomping co-star. Damn it! The whole thing is just too... lovely.

Those animations! The facial expressions are just perfect. Obviously story and puzzles bear the brunt of the adventure game experience, neither of which are at the fore of this video, but what we are shown suggests Double Fine have nailed that third point and click pillar: character .

In other news, I've just been informed that I've lost my italics privilege through overuse. I've still got emboldening though. They'll never take that from me.

Thanks, Joystiq .

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