Broforce bros out on Early Access, adds a female bro

It's time to turn around that baseball cap, pop a collar, and tap a keg. The retro side-scrolling action game Broforce has landed on Steam Early Access . $15 will give you access to bro-op and deathmatch modes, a level editor, and dozens of playable bros inspired by movie action heroes, including an all new female bro.

“Ripbro” is her name, probably referencing Ellen Ripley, the protagonist butt-kicker of the Alien films. Like the Brominator, Brodocop, and other characters, she'll have her own unique weapons and abilities. Developer Free Lives refers to her as the first female Bro, so hopefully we'll see more brodettes soon.

The most recent update to the game also adds a Tactical Backflip ability and new missions. As with all Early Access games, Free Lives said that at its current state Broforce is missing a lot of content, and is likely to have some technical issues, especially with online multiplayer. However, it says that local co-op is “awesome as hell.”

The full version of Broforce should be out late this summer, and if you want to kiss your productivity today goodbye, the free Brototype is still available on Free Lives' website.