Breaking news from Singularity: "hhhthhhfhhj"

Singularity paper

I've been playing Raven Software's sci-fi shooter Singularity the last few days, their first original game in ten years. It has some, er, rough edges. Like this, one of several newspapers that fill the screen for long sections of a pivotal cut-scene. Whether the artist typed in some dummy text assuming a writer would fill it in later, or they were simply told the body wouldn't be readable at the final viewing size, something's gone wrong here. History is written by the victors. Alternate history is written by the sovnoob uhreoi.

There's actually fun to be had with Singularity - if you've got it, I strongly suggest trying out the multiplayer. You can play as a mutant death tick. But whatever you can say about Raven's recent games, they've always been professional. The sharp decline in polish here may be related to the eerie lack of fanfare over its release.