Bloodborne for your tabletop is on sale while you wait for Bloodborne for your PC

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This Prime Day deal isn't exactly the Bloodborne you've been waiting for, but it's the one you're getting. Bloodborne: The Board Game has weird monsters and weird weapons just like FromSoftware's action RPG. And, right now, it's the only way to play Bloodborne on your "desktop." (You know, like on your desk.)

In this tabletop version of a game everyone still desperately wants to come to PC, you (and up to four other players) take on the role of a hunter in the cursed city of Yharnam. There are secrets to find and grotesque beasts to fight, and it's a race to cleanse the city before the Blood Moon rises. All the action happens via a complex combat deck that mirrors the game's satisfying, transforming trick weapons.

Bloodborne: The Board Game typically costs around $87.99, but is on sale for $76.99 for Prime Day. It's still more than a full-priced videogames, but it's something you could potentially spend many hour-long sessions with, and you get miniatures

Bloodborne: The Board Game | 1-4 players | Time to play: 60-90 minutes|  $109.99

Bloodborne: The Board Game | 1-4 players | Time to play: 60-90 minutes| $109.99 $76.99 at Amazon (save $33)
This Bloodborne board game is available on your desktop, but not your PC. It mirrors the gothic horror of FromSoftware's action RPG and pits a group of hunters against all sorts of monsters. The videogame's trick weapons are emulated through the board game's combat decks, allowing you to plan out every swing.

And while you're on the board game hunt, you can pick up two of the best board games available now: Cosmic Encounter and Star Wars X-Wing. 

Cosmic Encounter, which is currently $21 off its usual price, is for anyone that wants to become an alien god and fight their friends. There are powers, like one where you get to swap your hand with another player, that intentionally break the game so that no game is the same.

Star Wars X-Wing is down to $33.24 for Prime Day and is a game for glorious sci-fi ship battles. It's a miniatures game like Warhammer 40,000, but doesn't take forever to play. It's defining feature, the FlightPath system, has every player command their ships in secret and then forces everyone to reveal their calls at once. Strategy only goes so far if you can't predict what your move your enemies will make next. The game's clever rules and short play time make it one of our favorites.

Cosmic Encounter | 3-5 players | Time to play: 60-120 minutes|  $69.99

Cosmic Encounter | 3-5 players | Time to play: 60-120 minutes| $69.99 $48.99 at Amazon (save $21)
In Cosmic Encounter, you play an alien with weird powers and the drive to take over your opponent's worlds. This board game changes every time you play and dumps fun, game-breaking powers on everyone at the table.

Star Wars: X-Wing | 2+ players | Time to play: 30-45 minutes|  $47.99

Star Wars: X-Wing | 2+ players | Time to play: 30-45 minutes| $47.99 $33.24 at Amazon (save $14)
One of our favorite board games, Star Wars: X-Wing is a miniatures game that doesn't take forever to play. You can have large-scale ship battles in half an hour or gather five players and go big with a full-on campaign. You send out commands in secret and do your best to out-maneuver your opponents before they take you out.

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