Bleak sci-fi adventure The Fall is free on the Epic Games Store right now

The Fall is the best British band to ever exist, but it’s also a 2014 sidescrolling adventure game about ARID, a marooned AI combat suit tasked with protecting the unconscious human inside it. Playing as ARID, you’ll explore the dank environs of an “unknown planet,” solving puzzles and smiting alien foes with an onboard laser sight. The game’s description makes a big deal about its dark atmosphere, and the gameplay footage above seems to wed the likes of Another World or Swapper with the mood of a Dead Space game. It also spawned a sequel.

If you’ve yet to try The Fall now there’s no excuse: it’s this week’s free Epic Games Store game. It’s available until March 25, at which time Creature in the Well will be next in line for the freebie treatment. That one is particularly exciting: Lauren dug the pinball- inspired dungeon crawler when it released in 2019, writing that “even if it may not invent a new highly-specific genre, it's been an experiment worth playing through so far.”

Not that I’m complaining, but it follows a recent trend of Epic Games Store giveaways turning to smaller, hidden indie gems rather than big names like Rage 2 or Metro: Last Light. To keep track of what’s free and what’s already been given away, here’s the Epic Games Store free games list

Shaun Prescott

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