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Black Friday SSD deal: This 1TB drive is under $80 right now

A Sandisk SSD with a hefty discount.
(Image credit: Sandisk)

If you're after an SSD this Black Friday then the discounts don't come bigger than this: A Sandisk 1 terabyte SSD at a whopping $150 off the list price of $229.99, going for $79.99. If you've ever been curious about whether an SSD will improve your PC's performance (and it will) then you're unlikely to find a cheaper way to try it.

Basically, while we tend to focus on the benefits for games, a good SSD will give your entire system a boost: faster loading, better performance, and an end to boot times. Well, OK, you still have boot times but they're tiny. Once you see something like Red Dead Redemption 2 load in seconds instead of minutes, there's no way back. 

At this price this SSD is certain to sell out, and in our round-up of the best PC SSDs Sandisk's build methodology comes in for considerable praise for its marriage of performance and (as seen here) price. The drive boasts write speeds of up to 1,950MB/s and, in case it isn't obvious, is intended for internal rather than external use.

1TB PCIe Gen $229.99

SanDisk SSD | 1TB PCIe Gen $229.99 $79.99 at Best Buy (save $150)
If you're after the speed and reliability of an SSD at a bargain price then it doesn't get better than this. One terabyte is plenty for your PC's main storage but I use my SSD (albeit not this exact model) as secondary storage for games purely for the speed factor.

A 1TB SSD is our minimum recommendation for the size you should be looking for, and where you'll really start to see a performance boost to your PC. If you're interested in the solid state life, there won't be a better jumping on point than this.

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