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Black Friday deals are putting 120Hz ultrawide monitors within reach of actual human beings

Ultrawide monitors Black Friday Deals
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Cyber Monday deals

Black Friday deals

Cyber Monday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Cyber Monday bargains.

Black Friday might be over but you can still get some great deals on gaming monitors for Cyber Monday.

This might be the first Black Friday season that dropping some money on an ultrawide monitor makes sense. Out of sales season, ultrawide monitors remain a luxury item, with most of the monitors we'd recommend bottoming out around $1000, usually brushing up against $2000—not within reach of the average PC gamer. 

To get the 120Hz-plus refresh rate ideal for PC gaming, you usually need to pay up, but this year, ultrawides are breaking through into a more conceivable cost bracket, with some great monitors for as little as $750. If you don't dig the dual-monitor approach or just love bonkers panoramic FOVs in your games, now's a good time to consider broadening your horizons (sorry) with an ultrawide monitor. 

Here's what we've found so far. 

Samsung CHG90 | 49-inch | 144Hz |  $1,099.99

Samsung CHG90 | 49-inch | 144Hz | $1,099.99 $749.99 on Amazon (save $350)
Samsung's 49-inch 3840x1080 super ultrawide is the cheapest it's ever been. This QLED screen supports HDR and will give those framerates plenty of room with a 144Hz refresh rate. 

Samsung CRG9 | 49-inch | 120Hz |  $1,499.99

Samsung CRG9 | 49-inch | 120Hz | $1,499.99 $999.99 on Amazon (save $500)
If you prioritize a sharper image over refresh rate, this Samsung super ultrawide trades in the 144Hz refresh rate for 120Hz and a 5120x1440 resolution. You'll need a beefier computer to run at that res, but if you can, and games that support ultrawide are gonna look nicer than anything out there.  

Alienware AW3420DW | 34-inch | 3440x1440 | 120Hz | $1,199.99

Alienware AW3420DW | 34-inch | 3440x1440 | 120Hz | $1,199.99 $829 at Dell (save $370)
Super ultrawides are too wide for some people. I get it. Getting from one side to the other is a journey fraught with terror. So many cursors taken lost in the endless pixel desert. This Alienware pares things down to a less demigodal 3440x1440 but keeps the high refresh rate and response time at 120Hz and 2ms. It's top-of-the-line stuff, and the cheapest it's ever been. An easy recommendation for anyone trying to sneak in a super high-end monitor under $1000.  

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