Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil mod will release a recreated Bruma in July

I'll admit I've begun to lose track of the various Elder Scrolls mod projects that are recreating one Elder Scrolls game inside another Elder Scrolls game. What's interesting about Beyond Skyrim, though, is that while its goal is to recreate the rest of the continent of Cyrodiil, it's not recreating the games that took place in those locations. Instead, it's bringing those locations into Skyrim's Fourth Era timeline. So, when you step foot in Bruma—the first section of the mod that's being released—you won't be replaying the Third Era Oblivion quests that took place there. You'll be visiting a Fourth Era Bruma with new characters, quests, and stories.

Above, you can watch the announcement trailer for the Bruma portion of Beyond Skyrim. It's being released for download on July 1st, and it looks great, boasting a map size that's bigger than Bethesda's own Dragonborn DLC along with original music and thousands of lines of voiced dialogue. I'm pretty darn interested in visiting Bruma in Skyrim, to see what's changed in the 200 years since the end of the Oblivion storyline.

The Beyond Skyrim team is also looking for volunteers to help complete the rest of Cyrodiil. For those interested, there's a sign-up thread right here.

Christopher Livingston
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