Bethesda is teasing something Fallout-related

Update: It looks like Bethesda is live on Twitch too, though all we're seeing at the moment is the same image teased on Twitter with a plastic Pip-Boy standing in the foreground. Whether the image will idle for minutes or days, we're not sure, but if you want something other than a crackling fireplace as visual ambiance, here you are. 

Original story: The first day back at work following a long weekend is never easy, but the thought of something new from the Fallout universe might help you through the day. 

What exactly that is, I couldn't say. But, as teased by the official Bethesda Game Studios Twitter feed, the studio responsible for Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and main series spin-off Fallout Shelter asked that we "Please Stand By"—illustrated by a gif of the post-apocalyptic action RPG's iconic test pattern screen, and an accompanying hash tag.   

So, what could it mean? Another mobile venture? An HD remaster of an older game? Fallout 5? Share your thoughts and wildest guesses in the comments below. 

And while we're talking speculation, Obsidian has since tweeted out the following.