Meet The Source Filmmaker

It's only been available in closed beta for a few days, but already crazy directors are cracking open Valve's Source Filmmaker and creating their own crazy movies. Wondering what kind of thing you'll be able to put together when it goes live to the rest of us? Here are a few videos to offer a taster.

Also, they're quite funny. Which is nice too.

Expect to see a lot more of this one. MEME IS CREDIT TO TEAM!


This one ends up in the Twilight Zone for some reason...

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have been invited to the party yet.

Want to get your hands on it yourself? Sign up for the closed beta here and prepare to show Pixar how it's done. For no budget. In your room. And if Pixar's goal was to create surreal weirdness with the Team Fortress 2 characters. What? It may well be. I've not seen Brave yet. It might star the Medic...