The best places to farm World Tiers in Outriders

best outriders world tier farm
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Looking for the best Outriders World Tier farm? People Can Fly's looter shooter is all about getting the best guns and gear. It's also about utilizing otherworldly abilities, too, but you're going to want the best weaponry to back you up during cooldowns. There's no better way to guarantee the best gear than playing on the highest difficulty possible.

World Tiers are the game's difficulty level. Starting from level one to 15, the higher tier you're on, the greater your chance of hoovering up better loot—including the cool stuff you'll find in our Outriders legendary list. That said, your enemies will become increasingly dangerous as you rise through the ranks, but you can decrease your current World Tier at any point if a certain battle is getting too intense.

If not, you'll unlock a higher World Tier if you kill a certain number of enemies without dying on the highest existing tier available to you. That gives you World Tier XP, but your progress is set back a chunk if you die. If you're ready to climb the difficulty ranks to prepare for endgame Expeditions, here are the fastest Outriders World Tier farm spots to get you to the big leagues in a jiffy.

The best Outriders World Tier farm locations

When picking a World Tier farm spot, it's worth considering whether you just want to fly through the levels as quickly as possible or pick up loot drops on the way. The latter is a higher-risk strategy, since it means risking death against elite-level enemies.

The best method is to pick the most efficient farming destination without gear drops, and then revisit battlefields with them once you're at max World Tier—more on that below. But if you want to run the risk of increasing your tier and getting drops a the same time, I have some suggestions for you:

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First City: Get to the other side of the river

This is by far the most popular tier farming spot, and for good reason. In this short sequence you're handed a sea of wimpy enemies, no elites or bosses, and a tasty pile of World Tier experience. Start it by heading to the 'Story Select' screen in the lobby, then the 'Get to the other side of the river' objective in the First City.

What makes this farm spot easy is sheer number of Perforos enemies. These weak alien critters can only dish out damage with melee attacks, and make up the vast majority of enemies in this section. Take a decent automatic shotgun if you have one, some crowd-control skills, and unleash hell until the point where you need to lower the bridge. Don't do that and restart the objective. Rinse and repeat.

Forest Enclave: Crystal Camp side quest

In the Forest Enclave area, warp to the Crystal Camp node. Near here is Juno, who has a nice, efficient World Tier-farming side quest for you (as spotted by JorRaptor). You will have a boss to fight at the end of this one, but that's the closest thing that's going to stand in your way here. 

That said, the relatively small arena makes the boss fight a little tricky. But if you can beat it after you've eased past the preceding trash mobs, you've got a chance at some loot to complement your tier leveling.

Quarry: Bigjaw Hunt

All the Monster Hunts in Outriders are a useful way of climbing World Tiers, but the Bigjaw battle is the best in terms of time-per-World-Tier increase. There are a couple of ways of going about this (highlighted by KhrazeGaming) but one of them is killing the mobs and leaving the mission before killing Bigjaw. You still keep your World Tier gains, but without risking them to this fearsome beast. Equally, if you're more gear-focused, you can just take out the boss, take the drop, and skedaddle.

However, if you've already completed the hunt and handing in the Bigjaw trophy, you'll have to complete all the others before returning to this more lucrative one. If you've killed everything in the area and not handed in the trophy, you can fast travel to the place you picked up the mission and abandon it in the menu. Phew. From there you should be able to keep racking up those tiers.

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Outriders World Tier 15: What you get at the top level

Once you unlock the max World Tier of 15, the nice thing is you don't need to worry about losing tier progress: You've already unlocked all the tiers. But that doesn't mean the 'Madness' difficulty level is a walk in the park.

But while there are 12 more levels of enemies to contend with, your gear drops are 12 levels higher, provided you make it through each sequence you replay without dying. And when it comes to all-important legendaries and other exotic weapons/armour, your chances of securing those are up 425 percent. Once you're packing your enhanced gear, those Expeditions won't know what hit 'em.

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