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Beholder, the game about spying on your neighbors, is moving from closed beta to a full demo

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Beholder is played as a "state-installed landlord" in a grim totalitarian regime, charged with spying on and profiling your tenants. The State demands your loyalty, and you must submit! Or must you? The listing on Steam suggests that maybe you might not, necessarily, although there will probably consequences for stepping out of line, so "go along to get along" might be the way to go. Hey, I'm not here to judge your moral fiber, but just to say that the closed beta that's been running along for awhile now is about to end, and a proper demo, available to everyone, will take its place

The changeover will happen on October 6. Current beta keys will be canceled and saves erased, which might be a bit frustrating if you're heavily invested in your progress, but the move to a demo version will simplify the process of playing for everyone: "No more key waiting, no more searching where and how to install, no more link following!" as developer Warm Lamp Games said. 

Beholder is currently slated to come out in the fall of this year, which given that we are now into October means "very soon" if that window holds. Find out more about how you can contribute to a peaceful and orderly society at

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