Battlezone 98 Redux expands with The Red Odyssey

Battlezone 98 Redux is a new version of, you guessed it, Battlezone, the RTS-FPS mash-up that posited galactic warfare between the USA and its arch-nemesis, itself - sorry, its arch-nemesis, Russia. Now, the remake of that old game has been joined by a remake of its old expansion, The Red Odyssey. This adds two new campaigns set in the Jupiter region, along with a couple of new playable factions: the NSDF Black Dogs and the Chinese Red Army. Here's the trailer:

What's that, trailer? You say the expansion you're trailing has a 15% Steam discount, for the next few days? And you go on to say that the base game is currently 40% off, over the same period? Thanks, trailer.

A reminder that Rebellion - who now owns the rights to Battlezone, and who got Big Boat Interactive to develop this - is currently working on a reboot of the original, 1980 Battlezone. Although we haven't heard squat about that  one for a while.

Tom Sykes

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