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Battlefield: Hardline 'Robbery' DLC available this week for Premium members

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25-MAPS-BREAK-POINTE-BFHL DLC2 Screenshots BreakPointe CoastalDrive-web

If you happen to be a Premium member of Battlefield: Hardline, then you may be pleased to know that the 'Robbery' DLC pack will be available later this week – September 16 to be exact. EA made the announcement at the weekend, along with the news that non-Premium members will gain access on September 30.

Andy provided a full rundown of the DLC when it was announced last month, but the gist of it is this: there are four new maps (see some footage of Precinct 7 below), a new 5v5 'Squad Heist' mode, four new weapons, two new gadgets, two new factional vehicles as well as a bunch of new cosmetic stuff. The nitty-gritty is on the Battlefield website.

Shaun Prescott
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