Battlefield 4 update released, aims to reduce crashes and eliminate network sync bug

Oh Battlefield 4, why can't all your bugs be as much fun as the driver glitch that Nvidia immediately fixed ? The other issues have been far less entertaining, and have often involved the game booting players out of matches, or simply crashing. At least, given how dreary these problems are, people aren't going to miss them as DICE continue to reclaim their game. Today, a new update went live, hopefully pushing us a little closer to a fully working game.

According to DICE's update thread , this patch aims to correct three things:

  • " Reduce the number of crashes

    We believe this update will solve a large portion of the most commonly occurring game crashes, and the improvement in overall stability should make a big difference for many players.

  • " Eliminate a network sync bug

    If you've been experiencing situations in multiplayer where it appears that you are taking damage from enemies through walls, you might have been the victim of a network sync bug. In this game update, we have identified and eliminated one such bug that caused this type of gameplay experience. We are continuing to work on more multiplayer optimizations concerning network performance.

  • " Improve Network Smoothing

    We have made some improvements to the "Network Smoothing" functionality that you can find in the OPTIONS>GAMEPLAY menu. The Network Smoothing slider governs a group of settings that aim to produce a tighter multiplayer experience based on your specific packet loss situation."

In addition to this client-side patch, another server update also went live today, which will hopefully solve a number of server-side clashes that the game was experiencing.

Phil Savage

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