Battlefield 3: End Game continues DICE's dino obsession with pterodactyl Easter Egg

Battlefield 3 End Game pterodactyl

Battlefield 3's End Game DLC may have appeased futurists by including a miniature hovering dropship from Battlefield 2142, but what about fans of late-Jurassic period dinosaurs, hey DICE? Come on, where's your bizarre Easter egg for those guys? Oh, it's on the Nebandan Flats, in the form of a pterodactyl that's merrily flapping about the place.

So we've had dino eggs , a toy tyrannosaurus and now this. Hopefully now DICE can announce Battlefield 145,000,042 BC and be done with it. I'm serious. That would be brilliant.

Additional End Game Easter Eggs have also been found, including a dinosaur skull and some snowmen. Videos below. End Game is out on PC for Premium Members on March 12th, and for everyone else on March 26th.

Thanks, MP1st (via PCGamesN )

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