Battlefield 3: Armored Kill update tweaks gunship, leaves secret dino egg alone

A server update for Battlefield 3's Armored Kill rolls out today, although it appears to leave the expansion's literal easter egg well enough alone, probably out of fear over what might hatch. What it will do is tweak the respawn times of the gunship, fix knife takedowns, and make it so that "players can no longer enter vehicles while climbing a ladder." DICE have also added the option to remove the minimap in Hardcore mode, for increased realism and odds of getting lost. You can see the full list of fixes here .

In related news, YouTube broadcaster JackFrags has discovered Armored Kill's latest easter egg. Joining a decidedly out-of-place gnome, and a dinosaur skeleton on loan from the British museum, is a comparatively underwhelming egg with the DICE logo on it. However, given that the egg is the symbol of new life, this is clearly a sign that DICE are poised to unveil Mirror's Edge 2. I mean, the gnome, the dinosaur - it's obvious when you think it. Witness this blatant clue for yourself below, complete with instructions on how to find the mystical egg.

Tom Sykes

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