Battlefield 3: End Game features serenely floating Battlefield 2142 Easter egg

Battlefield 3 End Game Easter egg

Just as DICE adores filling Battlefield 3's battlefields with the bangs and bullets befitting its Frostbite 2 engine, it also loves sprinkling craftily hidden Easter eggs as nods to other games it's worked on. The futuristic, fan-favorite Battlefield 2142 previously left some graffiti on a shipping crate on the Wake Island map , but the impending End Game add-on includes something a little less subtle. Thanks to explorer KingEmperorPure (via Gameranx ), a video shows the Kharg Island location of a cutely shrunken and silently floating 2142 dropship stickered with a faction logo.

And that's all it does: float. It's seemingly immune to any kind of weapon fire or any other sort of prodding, but it's a nice homage to those who hold the Titans and tech of 2142 close to their hearts. Yes, it's easy to jump the short gap to "ZOMG Battlefield 2143" territory, but it's more likely these tributary treasures are just that.

Of course, Battlefield 4 lurks on the horizon, and DICE is well aware of the community's desire for a 2142 sequel—Creative Director Lars Gustavsson previously mentioned he'd "love to" return to the creative freedom of the more sci-fi take on Battlefield.

Omri Petitte

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