Battleborn is delayed to May 2016

2K Battleborn Outback Capture MarquisRun

When last we looked, Battleborn, Gearbox's upcoming first-person shooter/MOBA hybrid, was slated to come out on February 9 of 2016. Today, however, Gearbox and 2K Games revealed that it's been delayed by a few months, and will instead come out on May 3.

"We at Gearbox are feeling energized by the data of our Closed Technical Test, and the additional time will allow us to better act on the feedback for Battleborn competitive and cooperative play when it releases," 2K explained on the Battleborn website. "We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work tirelessly on Battleborn."

Specific reasons for the delay weren't given (beyond "we can't help but be Gearbox," that is) but 2K confirmed that there will be an open beta next year. I've reached out for more information and will update if any is forthcoming. In the meantime, be sure to check out our hands-on with Battleborn, "the FPS that wants to be everything to everyone," from just last week.

Thanks, GameSpot.

Andy Chalk

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