Batman joins Origin Access as EA opens the doors to other publishers

EA has opened its subscription service, Origin Access, to other publishers, significantly expanding its library of games. Take a gander now and you’ll see a bunch of Warner Bros. games rubbing elbows with the likes of Mass Effect and Battlefield. Other publishers will also be joining Origin Access soon, adding The Witness, Bulletstorm and Wasteland 2. 

Arkham Knight is notably missing from the line-up, but just about every other Batman game from WB can be found, including the first three Arkham games and the Lego Batman series. Hopefully The Middle-earth series and the final Arkham title will eventually make their way onto the service too. 

Given that Origin itself has sold games from other publishers for a long time, it makes sense that the subscription service would similarly expand, especially if EA wants to compete with other services that are cropping up. While a few companies would clearly like to create the Netflix of gaming, none of them are quite there yet, but EA’s pull and its massive vault of cash certainly make it a contender.  

What games would tempt you to sign up?

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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