Batman: Arkham Origins features a permadeath mode, plus DLC that reveals Origins' origins

Killing The Batman is about to become a whole lot easier, thanks to one of Batman: Arkham Origins ' many extra modes. It's called I Am The Night, and it sounds like quite the challenge. As revealed at the Eurogamer expo , the mode gives you no saves and only a single life; it's joined by a "really difficult" New Game Plus, and of course those new multiplayer shenanigans. Producer Guillaume Voghel also outlined the upcoming Initiation DLC, a single-player slab of story that moves the action to Asia.

Initiation will see you playing as a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne, who goes to a monastery in Asia to learn how to be a ninja, and master all those fancy techniques he's always busting out on The Joker's henchmen. It sounds a lot like the opening to Batman Begins, the bit where Christian Bale climbs a mountain, picks a flower and then (sorta) kills Aslan.

Warner Bros Games Montreal demoed Origins at last weekend's Eurogamer Expo - there's a video of their presentation below.

Tom Sykes

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