Batman: Arkham Knight trailer showcases Batmobile arsenal, confirms delay to 2015

And so 2015 becomes not the year that we need, but the year that we deserve. Assuming we deserve lots of exciting sequels, at least. Joining The Witcher 3 in abandoning 2014, a new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer features an ending splash announcing that it's "coming 2015". This is in direct opposition to the game's first trailer , which listed a 2014 release.

The trailer itself is teasing an E3 reveal of the Batmobile's "Battle" mode. The improbable vehicle will feature a 'kinetic energy penetrator' and 'missile barrage', both of which sound like euphemisms.

It's sad to see another game slip, but we can dry our tears through the vicarious thrill of Sam's first-look preview .

Thanks, Kotaku .

Phil Savage

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