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Batman: Arkham Knight E3 footage shows the multi-purpose Batmobile in action

Sony's E3 press conference wasn't just notable for Rockstar finally fessing up about GTAV on PC. Other stuff happened too, including this rather fine five minutes of Arkham Knight footage. Chiefly designed to show off the new Batmobile, we get to see how Rocksteady have integrated it into the overall Arkham formula.

The freeform movement section definitely looks weird, but it's almost certainly preferable to trying to battle unmanned tanks in, say, a Vauxhall Astra. I've been unsure how smoothly the Batmobile sections would fit into the overall game, but, judging from this, it would seem to work well.

Of course, for Bats, this isn't about showing off a fancy new car. He's trying to find out information about the mysterious Arkham Knight. Luckily for him, our Sam and Chris have some theories about who this robo-Batman could be .

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Phil Savage
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