Batman: Arkham City trailer profiles The Riddler

[bcvideo id="1047505659001"]

Oh dear. The Riddler has started kidnapping civilians and dangling them over deadly drops in Arkham City. If there was only some sort of man dressed as a bat nearby to save the day. Oh, wait. Bad news, Riddler. There is. Not only does he have the brains to solve your puzzles, he can also punch you so hard in the griddle that you'll never riddle again.

At least the Riddler's showing more ambition than he did in Batman: Arkham Asylum in which he featured as a disembodied voice on the other end of Batman's intercom. We can look forward to teaching Riddler a lesson when Arkham City comes out in North America on October 18, and Europe on October 21.

Update: According to the official Batman: Arkham City Twitter feed there are a series of clues hidden in the trailer above. If you figure out the puzzle, you have until Friday to post your answers on the Arkham City forums . They don't say what will happen next.

Tom Senior

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