Batman: Arkham City sells 4.6 million in one week on consoles, are you holding out for Arkham City PC?

Batman-Arkham-City-Fear-not-Gotham...24 DAYS

Warner Brothers send word that Akham City has sold 4.6 million copies worldwide, and it's not even out on PC yet. This is interesting, firstly because that is an obscene number for week one sales, and based on the critical rumblings surrounding its release, seemingly well justified. We'll know soon enough when the PC version hits on November 18 . But will these huge week-one console sales hurt the popularity of the PC version? When Arkham City was delayed, those of us with PCs and consoles were forced to make a decision, wait four weeks to play on our preferred platform, or cave in and start breaking criminal faces right away.

With big titles like Arkham City and Assassin's Creed Revelations receiving significant delays on PC this release season, it's concerning to think of all those potential PC buyers plugging for a console version because the PC edition has been delayed without explanation. The PC is at the cutting edge of current technology, it should be at the cutting edge of the release schedule as well. Are you planning to hold out for Arkham City PC, or have you opted for the console version?

Tom Senior

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