Bandai Namco outlines plans to address Dragon Ball FighterZ online issues

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been out for a couple of weeks now, but problems continue to plague the online multiplayer components. Publisher Bandai Namco want us to know they're working to address the issues. 

In a video, FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki said, "We've heard all of your feedbacks since the release, and we're fully aware of the online issues that you're having, such as the matching in "Ring Match" or being disconnected from the lobby. We're aware of the situation, and keen to resolve them with all our might."

While Hiroki didn't specify what the team intends to do to address the issues, the producer said that the the first patch will be released towards the end of February, with further patches planned for next month, too.

"Please bear in mind that this first patch might not fix everything at once," Hiroki added. "Therefore, we're also planning to release another patch in mid and late March to gradually resolve the issue. Rest assured that we will not stop until the fix has been completed."

In our Dragon Ball FighterZ review, we gave it 83, stating: "If only the online component had launched in a slightly better state: network conditions are spotty at best, and you’ll frequently be kicked out of the online lobbies you’re automatically loaded in to when you boot up the game (yes, even if you want to play single-player modes). 

"No doubt it will be fixed—these things usually are, and perhaps Namco were caught on the hop by the game’s success (it is already the most popular fighting game in Steam's history). But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. "

Although Bandai have yet to date the upcoming DLC, the publisher recently revealed the first two DLC characters for fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ will be Goku's father Bardock and Goku's sworn enemy, Broly.