How to find your belongings in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Find your belongings - a Tiefling child offers you a coin
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If you need to find your belongings in Baldur's Gate 3, then you've likely fallen prey to the pick-pocketing shenanigans of the Tiefling kids at the Emerald Grove. Mattis might seem unassuming, but while you're browsing his wares, his friend will try to unburden you of some of your possessions.

If you've got a high Perception stat, you might realise what's happening and stop the thief before anything is taken, but otherwise, you'll find your bags are much lighter than they were. In this guide, I'll explain how to complete the Find your Belongings quest if you fall foul of the Emerald Grove pick-pockets, and how to get into the hideout, even if you didn't. 

Baldur's Gate 3 Find your Belongings guide 

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Once you've fought off the goblin attack to the northwest of the Overgrown Ruins and learned that the Druids want the Tieflings to leave Emerald Grove, you'll come across a Tiefling child named Mattis selling his wares, on the path leading to the entrance of the grove.

Speak to Mattis and he'll show you a ring and offer it to you. There are a couple of dialogue choices you can make here and whether or not you confront him about his scam or just ask to see his wares, you'll soon find yourself on the receiving end of a pick-pocket attempt. If your things are stolen, you'll need to find the Thief's hideout to get them back, but of course, it's not that easy.

If you confront the Tiefling child behind you—who else would the thief be—they'll run away and climb down a ladder and disappear into some sort of cave that you can't enter so you decide there must be another way in. If you happen to have an Enlarge/Reduce scroll that you don't mind wasting, you can get into the hideout by shrinking yourself, or if you're playing as one of the smaller races you might be okay. Otherwise, continue with the steps below.

Head to the beach to the northeast, which you'll find by taking the path to the left after where the druids are stopping people entering Emerald Grove. Check the screenshot above for where to find it. As you approach you'll hear music and when you reach the water's edge, you'll find a boy, Mirkon, listening to the song.

After a couple of dialogue prompts, you'll discover the source is a group of harpies and you'll need to fight and defeat them to break the spell and save the boy. Mirkon will then give you the password to the hideout so head back to the quest marker on the map—just up the hill from Mattis you'll find another kid called Doni. Give him the password and enter the Concealed Hatch behind him.

Speak to the leader to retrieve your belongings and she'll give you the option to learn a gesture which will stop the other children bothering you, though you'll need to pass an Intelligence check to learn it.

If you didn't have your stuff stolen—which happens if you succeeded in your Perception check—and you just want to get into the kid's hideout, once you've rescued Mirkon from the harpies, he will tell you to find Doni and ask him about the "Dragon's Lair". He's in the same location as above.

Talk to him and he'll show you the Concealed Hatch behind him. Head down the ladder and into the Tiefling Hideout. You'll see several children but look for Mirkon on a raised platform. Talk to him and he'll offer you a story he wrote about you as a reward for saving him.

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