How to set up camp and have a long rest in Baldur's Gate 3

Sleeping adventurers next to a camp fire
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Camping in Baldur's Gate 3 is a good way to catch up with your companions, have a look at your inventory and see if there's anything worth swapping out, and restoring hit points and spell slots. You can choose to have a short rest with no requirements, but to take a long rest—that is, setting up a camp—you'll need camping supplies, so here's where you can find them and how to rest up.

Where to find camping supplies

Camping supplies can be found in boxes, crates and barrels you come across on your travels, and can sometimes be looted from corpses—they're having a different kind of long rest. Food also contributes towards camping supplies, so be sure to pick up all those apples and sausages. If you want to have a long rest, you'll need at least 40 camping supplies, whereas a short rest won't cost you anything. You can also buy camping supplies and food from vendors if you're unlucky in your looting ventures. 

How to set up camp and take a long rest

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To the right of your character bar, there is a little fire icon, which when clicked gives you the option of a long or short rest. You can set up a camp anywhere at almost any time—you can't camp in the middle of a fight, sadly. Taking a long rest when camping replenishes everyone in your party's HP, spell slots and any actions that may require a long rest. Things like Illithid Wisdom dialogue choices are also replenished, and camping will end your day and move the story forward. 

You can still camp if you have fewer than 40 camping supplies, but you'll only get a partial rest, so your HP and Wisdom won't be fully replenished. You can also set up camp to change your party at no extra cost—just choose the leave camp option once you've got your party sorted. 

You don't need to set up camp to take a short rest, just choose the option and your HP will be restored. It's the equivalent of a partial rest, so Illithid Wisdom won't be replenished. 


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