Baldur's Gate 3⁠ already has a ton of custom dice mods—here's 8 of our favorites so far

modded nebula dice in Baldur's Gate 3
(Image credit: Larian, JohnZyxx)

Baldur's Gate 3 has an easy-to-miss setting that lets you change the color of your skill check d20, but the official options are pretty limited. I've been rocking "Behir Blue" for about 140 hours or so, and I'm ready for a change.

Thankfully, it seems pretty simple to get your own custom dice working in-game (check out Anecx's Dice Sprites Generator for help on that front), and even easier to install other people's creations. All of these dice mods require LaughingLeader's handy BG3ModManager, and while some do not demand Djmr's ImprovedUI mod, I've read that it is required to have multiple custom dice at once.

As an added note: even a cosmetic mod like this will disable Steam and GOG achievements for BG3 at the moment, but dukethedropkicker's Achievement Enabler mod will pop them right back up. It's on the honor system to only use duke's mod with dice skins and not like, something that gives you every weapon in the game. Paladins, remember your oaths! And now, the dice.

John Zyxx's Astral Sea Dice Set

(Image credit: Larian, John Zyxx)

This is the one I most want to use in my own game, a d20 painted with a scintillating, nebula-filled night sky reminiscent of Baldur's Gate 3's interpretation of the Astral Plane. It pretty much looks like a completely different die depending on the angle, an effect impossible to manage in real life, so we're looking at a d20 you can only enjoy in a videogame, a far cry from the boring old "Scuffed Metal" look the game defaults to.

Final Fantasy Aetheryte Crystal Dice by EllieGreenArt

(Image credit: Larian, EllieGreenArt)

I have a lot of people in my life who go gaga for anything Final Fantasy 14, and while I'm very happy for them, I refuse to make myself a part of that business. This FF14-inspired dice, however, has a universal appeal. It looks like something the Protoss would siphon energy off of so they could continue not really doing anything about all the problems in the galaxy. Space elves, man, even worse than normal ones.


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RubenLime's Leather 'N Bone Dice

(Image credit: Larian, RubenLime)

Simple, yet the white and gold here gives off a certain aristocratic imperiousness. This is the sort of d20 BG3 villain Enver Gortash would be rolling while his fantasy Robocop Steel Watch goons bring the hammer of state violence down on some Gnomish dissidents.

EllieGreenArt's Dominate Dice

(Image credit: Larian, EllieGreenArt)

Alright we got Enver Gortash's dice out of the way, now we've got one I could see shapeshifting fantasy Francis Dolarhyde Orin the Red using. There's something a little organic and sanguine to the swirling pattern on this red-and-blue set, but I don't think using it necessarily makes you a freaky Bhaalspawn murderer⁠. Another heater from Nexus user EllieGreenArt.

Conjunction of the Spheres Witcher Dice by Tasdid

(Image credit: Larian, Tasdid)

The white and bluish stone color scheme here screams Witcher the show over the games to me, but on a critical success you get a cheeky little Wolf symbol from the games instead of a 20⁠—a nice touch to be sure.

MentalHygiene's Cute Dice Collection

(Image credit: Larian, MentalHygiene)

Ah, finally a set for all the cozycore TikTok zoomers playing Baldur's Gate 3 (there are a lot! It's like the second coming of Dragon Age on Tumblr!). Mostly, I just want to eat these saccharine little guys⁠—the opaque ones look like saltwater taffy, while the clear ones give the impression of a forbidden gummy bear demanding that you lick the screen. Tag yourself: I'm Pink Milk.

Golden Death by RubenLime

(Image credit: Larian, RubenLime)

This here RubenLime person seems to be exclusively making dice for the well-heeled villain set. This is a d20 that says "Wait until my father hears about your little youth center!" I love the 3D touches on this one though, something about it reminds me of '90s renders like in Myst or, indeed, the original Baldur's Gates.

Koriik's Dice Set Expansion

(Image credit: Larian, Koriik)

Now this one's just pure bang for your buck. Koriik's offerings are predominantly simple recolors reminiscent of the base game's Behir Blue and Illithid Purple options, but the pack just has so many of them. If you're looking for a one stop shop, Koriik probably has something to catch your eye from "Tempuran Tabasco" to "Myrkulyte Mariner."

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