How to win Akabi's Wheel of Wonders in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Akabi
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While visiting the Circus of Last Days in Baldur's Gate 3, you might have met the Djinni Akabi and tried your luck at his preposterously expensive Wheel of Wonders. Before long, you likely realised it's rigged, and he'll just keep dolling out trash-tier prizes. If you haven't found the circus yet, it's in the west of Rivington once you arrive in Act 3, and there's lots of fun to be had there, including clown face paint.

So, how do you turn Akabi's own game against him? Here, I'll explain how to stop the Djinni from cheating and win the Wheel of Wonders grand prize—a shiny new Legendary weapon to add to your collection.

How to win Akabi's grand prize

Even without passing the perception check that shows you Akabi's Wheel of Wonders is rigged, you probably realised it for yourself after sinking gold into it. I kept spinning the wheel until he ran out of terrible prizes just to make sure, and every time you spin it, you'll come up short of the grand prize. If you accuse Akabi of cheating, he'll turn you into a wheel of cheese and shut down the Wheel of Wonders, which isn't ideal.

Instead, what you need to do is pickpocket Abaki and steal his Djinni's Ring—which he uses to manipulate the wheel. After this, spin it again and you'll win the grand prize. The bad news is Akabi isn't tolerating any of this and teleports you to a jungle filled with deadly dinosaurs.

Since he only teleports the character who was talking to him, I'd suggest you use someone who is adept at sneaking, or has the power to take on a fair few enemies by themselves. There are a couple of valuable items to grab in this area, such as the Band of the Mystic Scoundrel. You can find this ring on a skeleton by a tent in the southwest of the area, on a raised bit of cliff. The ring lets you cast illusion or enchantment spells as bonus actions if you hit a creature with an attack.

That's not the grand prize, however. Once you make your way through the area, you'll spy a portal you can jump to with a big chest just next to it. This chest contains Nyrulna—a Legendary weapon that creates thunder blasts when you throw it and returns to your hand after, but also makes you immune to all falling damage. Now, simply teleport back to the circus using the portal.


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