Awesome Games Done Quick schedule announced, starts January 3

Games Done Quick

Biannual speedrunning event Games Done Quick is set to kick off soon, once again raising money for good causes through the medium of being really fast at games. Starting January 3 next year, it's a nice way to ease back into regular life, after Christmas and New Years have conspired to turn us into massive Christmas puddings. The schedule for the week-long event has just been announced, old favourites like Super Mario 64 mingling with newcomers including Soma and A Hat in Time.

There isn't a massive amount of PC stuff included this year, but you'll probably want to tune in on Tuesday afternoon, when Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 are going to be broken down and bested by pros. I'm looking forward to Bloodborne near the end of the event—the completion estimate is just 42 minutes.

Awesome Games Done Quick starts at 11:30AM EST on Sunday January 3, and you can watch the whole thing on Twitch here.

Tom Sykes

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