Avalanche: "The PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come"

Just Cause 2

Before you reach for your keyboard-shaped axe in fury, know that Avalanche co-founder Linus Blomberg is specifically referring to the next-gen console's 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. That's an impressive leap for living-room gaming, especially since DDR5 system RAM isn't yet available for PCs—though we believe you can achieve comparable power with less over-the-top hardware . Still, Blomberg's thoughts in a GamingBolt interview show Sony's newest baby impressed a number of industry members.

"It's a perfect fit for the types of games we do, and we're confident we'll bring open-world gaming to a whole new level because of it," Blomberg says. "I'm glad Sony decided to go with 8GB RAM because it means that the PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come."

A bold claim, but I don't see it as a rag on the PC—Blomberg might simply be echoing a related remark CD Projekt Red shared last week over the possible shift in platform hierarchy. Like Red, it's likely Avalanche pledges its allegiance to whichever amalgamation of wires and circuits provides the biggest bang for its open-world Just Cause series. Other developers feel the same way: id's John Carmack commended Sony's " wise engineering choices ."

Blomberg's assessment that most game-playing PCs aren't packed with 8GB of RAM may be accurate—the closest thing we have to a sample of the PC gaming population, the Steam Hardware Survey , shows nearly 70 percent of participants use less than 8GB.

Speaking of Just Cause, a pair of grainy screenshots and a LinkedIn profile are strongly hinting at Just Cause 3 parachuting onto the PC and "next-generation console platforms" in 2015.

Omri Petitte

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