Aukey's aluminum membrane keyboard with RGB lighting is on sale for $26

We are big fans of mechanical keyboards, but not everyone prefers them. Some people like the feel of a membrane plank, which are typically less expensive than their mechanical brethren. For example, Aukey has a membrane keyboard with a spattering of bells and whistles, and it's on sale at Amazon for just $26.

This keyboard sports an aluminum top panel attached to a weighted base. It also has RGB lighting with four different brightness levels to choose from (you can turn it off too) and a dozen light effects to play with.

Aukey says it set out to design a keyboard that looks like a mechanical plank but with quieter keystrokes. Some mechanical keyboards are quiet too, though membrane planks usually have the advantage here (not always). 

You'll find injected keycaps on this keyboard. The labels are not surface printed so they won't wear down and disappear over time.

There are not dedicated games or macro support, though the keyboard does feature 26-key rollover for rapid fire keystrokes.

If this sounds like your type of keyboard, go here to grab it on sale. On the other hand, if mechanical switches are more your thing, Aukey has a mechanical variant on sale too. 

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Paul Lilly

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