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Audiosurf 2 will leave Early Access on May 26


The original Audiosurf was a genuine phenomenon—a game that made it clear how important, and potentially profitable, indie gaming would be. It'll be interesting to see if a lengthy period in Early Access will dampen excitement for the sequel, or if the fact that Steam now contains 60 bajillion games will make it less of an obvious must-have. Whatever happens, Audiosurf 2 will leave Early Access for an official release on May 26.

Seemingly the sequel offers a number of improvements over its predecessor, including deeper song analysis and track generation, Steam Workshop support and the ability to stream directly from Soundcloud. Improvements aside, though, it is still the same basic concept: a game in which your music generates tracks for you to surf. Different coloured bricks are placed across the track, and you need to collect them into a grid; matching colours to increase your score.

A recent video shows the new version of Mono mode in action.

For more, head on over to the official site, where you can full version of what's been improved since for the sequel.

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