X Rebirth trailer shows space combat, space explosions, and other space things

Someone at Egosoft is worried. They're worried that after the last X Rebirth video - a ten minute explanation of trading and mining systems - people might think that their space game isn't about explosions and fighting and a loud noise that goes "BWAAAARM". A new trailer has been deployed to clear up any possible confusion.

But wait! Maybe they've gone too far in the other direction. In addition to combat, and the aforementioned trading and mining, X Rebirth aims to give you a big ol' chunk of space to explore and uncover. If anything, the first trailer is a better indication of the game's full scope . If Egosoft can deftly weave its many threads into a cohesive pattern, then X Rebirth can easily justify its inclusion in our list of the most exciting upcoming space games .

X Rebirth is due out on November 15th.