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Wildstar trailer introduces the mental manipulation of the Esper class

WildStar Esper

WildStar's newest DevSpeak video has just released, and it continues Carbine's tour of the game's classes. Last time we were introduced to the biff-heavy Warrior class, and now we get a look at the more intellectual Esper. Intellect, in this context, is code for "can create telekinetic spinning blades and turn into a unicorn." Although, if you think about it, what other definition is there?

If buffs, blades and unicorns aren't enough, Carbine also hid clues in the disclaimer of the last video. Step forward the community, who followed the trail to a new announcement:


WildStar's next big beta event will kick off next month. You can apply to be part of that at the WildStar sign-up page .

Phil Savage
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